It’s been a while…

One day I won’t be so bad at updating this blog! I was doing really well last winter and spring. However, I got a lot of rejections in the late spring, which made it difficult to create work. Recently I began a teaching job, which has opened up Friday nights for gallery openings and has seemed to re-connect me to an art community. I also FINALLY got some work into a gallery. It’s nice to feel rejuvenated. All I want to do is make art but finding time recently has been difficult.

I resolved a lot of issues I had in my smaller drawings but they became easy (even though I loved making them). I didn’t “get stuck”, I could sit down, and the t.v. in the background kept me just focused enough. Working on my larger drawings meant standing and constant frustration. However, what was (and is) so nice about working on my larger work means becoming fully immersed in the drawing process; especially with headphones on while drinking one to two glasses of wine.

I’ve been trying to finish my “waiting” series of domestic interiors and am currently working on my fourth piece. They are all 4.5’ x 3.5’. The two drawings of the kitchen and the chairs are drawn from a small 13” x 13” drawings I did in graduate school. A visiting artist gave me the idea to draw from another drawing when I was in graduate school and I love the results! I also have taken a new approach to bar drawing, hoping to build up the drawings on gessosed masonite board the way I did with my thesis drawings. It also resolves the issues of the ripped paper I was working on.


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