Is A Drawing Ever Really Finished?

Sometimes the hardest part of making art is finishing it. This is even harder for me since my artistic process (and concepts) revolves around combing photographs in a drawing, working intuitively, and leaving areas unresolved and empty on purpose. When working on my MFA at Towson University, this theme almost always dominated my conversations during my committee reviews and, even in the smallest manner, was touched on during almost every one of my artist critiques.


This last drawing that I FINALLY finished is no different. I first thought it was finished towards the very beginning, as unfinished as it looked I still liked it. Over the past few months the more ‘loose” and ‘sketchy’ marks I would add, the harder it became to erase or draw over them when needed.


However, composition issues soon arose. The top left corner was too weighted and it was a struggle balancing out all of the white space on the right side of the drawing. Having to move my drawing up and down on my drawing board was challenging since I couldn’t always see the whole drawing at once. (I miss my studio more and more lately).


My second to last time working on this drawing was exceptionally infuriating. I knew it wasn’t done but it felt as if it would never be completed. Enough time went by and when I came back to it, I almost didn’t work on it because I thought it was finished. That is until I kept seeing areas to fix. Two hours later it felt more complete than almost any other large drawing I’ve done in the past few years.



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